Schutzverein Deutscher Rheder was founded on 27th June 1901 in Hamburg by
German shipowners as a mutual insurance association.

The object for which the Association as a F. D. & D. club (Freight, Demurrage & Defence)
was established is to defend the interests of its members and to support them in the course of the
adjustment of disputes arising out of charterparties in respect of vessels which have been registered
with the Association. In the event that the Association supports a member it provides legal defence,
i.e. reimburses the lawyers' fees and court costs including the costs of an arbitration.


Schutzverein Deutscher Rheder V.a.G. • Am Kaiserkai 6 • D 20457 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 30 06 66 0 • Fax: +49 40 37 51 72 10